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Our world is rapidly changing. How does one develop an orthodox worldview in the midst of a culture in flux? Metamorpha invites readers to look to the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and community as “informers” used by Christ to grow, mold, and form us into his image.

Endorsements for Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life by Kyle Strobel

“Kyle Strobel has studied and reflected deeply on how it is that people actually change. If you’ve ever wondered about this yourself, Kyle is talking about your questions. Read him and morph!”

—John Ortberg, pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

“This book’s subtitle, Jesus as a Way of Life, sums up what should be the heartbeat and life breath of us all. I can only pray that many, many people will read this book. What is written within these pages is by far the most important thing followers of Jesus can focus on both for our own spiritual formation and for the collective health of the church at large. May we really pay attention to the wisdom within.”

—Dan Kimball, author, The Emerging Church

“Kyle deconstructs some of our assumptions about the Bible, God’s Spirit, and Christ’s community in thought provoking ways. But he doesn’t stop there; he rebuilds a thoroughly biblical understanding that adds rich texture to living conformed to the image of Christ.”

—John Burke, author, No Perfect People Allowed

“Kyle Strobel is a man deeply in touch with his peers. Accordingly,Metamorpha is full of stories, concerns, hopes, and suggestions that are right on the money for the emergent church generation. But Strobel is a man whose maturity of thought and life is far ahead of his years. With an honest heart and a hunger from God; graduate work in philosophy, spiritual formation, and New Testament studies; and a desire to impact the world for Jesus, Strobel provides deep insights for spiritual and church transformation. The tone ofMetamorpha is neither preachy and condescending nor trivial and simplistic. Rather, it is an honest, accessible, straight-shooting examination of the human hunger for transformation and the way forward to authentic change. I was moved and encouraged by reading this book.”

—J. P. Moreland, distinguished professor of philosophy, Biola University; author, The Kingdom Triangle

“Kyle brings together three hot topics—spiritual formation, unspoken worldviews, and authentic community—to provide a much-needed way forward for the evangelical church.”

—Jan Johnson, author, When the Soul Listens and Spiritual Disciplines Bible Studies

“In Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life, Kyle Strobel details how it is possible for believers to get past the rhetoric of our evangelical heritage and into the heart and soul of a lived Christian experience. Kyle’s thinking on each topic—worldview change, a biblically formed lifestyle, the nature and role of community, and so on—goes deep and demonstrates an unusual and refreshing combination of theological insight and heartfelt devotion to Jesus Christ. The essentials of a well-rounded spiritual life that honors God and is likely to speak to the world in which we live is here in Metamorpha.”

—Chuck Smith Jr., coauthor, Frequently Avoided Questions

“Kyle, a gifted storyteller with a mature Christian voice, leads us to intersecting crossroads where we must choose to live with our blind spots or move into wisdom. He takes us on a remarkable journey of looking deep within our individual and church-going lives.”

—Katie Brazelton, author, Pathway to Purpose

“Strobel is an author who can get the church talking and its people walking into new horizons of ministry and mission. A book that is original, persuasive, and vital for a biblical understanding (not self- understanding) of what it means to be a Christian.”

–Leonard Sweet, author, Jesus Manifesto

“Kyle Strobel’s vulnerability drew me into Metamorpha. He is one who has struggled within the seeker sensitive church, who has wondered if conversion is the pinnacle of Christianity, and who longs to understand his part in spiritual change. He will guide you beyond your conversion experience into spiritual transformation itself.Metamorpha is a clarion call to the church to stop and evaluate our bumper-sticker, bullet-pointed, statistics-driven Christianity. If you are curious about becoming more like Christ, then Metamorphadeserves your careful attention.”

—Jonalyn Fincher, cofounder of Soulation; author, Ruby Slippers
How the Soul of a Woman Brings Her Home

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Study Guide: Suggested Use (pdf)This “suggested use” document offers one example of how to approach a small group going through Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life.
Metamorpha Study Guide (pdf)This study guide is a tool to be used for group or individual study. Using scripture, prayer, blogging, as well as extra resources, this guide can be a great resource for those who are serious about the journey of belief formation.

Metamorpha Study Guide: Leader’s Edition (pdf)This leaders guide is for someone to use if they are leading a group or if they are going through the study individually. If offers suggestions for further exercises, topics for discussion, and community related isses that may come up during the group time.

Metamorpha Blog Map (pdf)Use this Blogmap as a guide to blog through the book – to help share and work through your experience of belief formation.

Letter to Pastors (pdf)If you are a pastor, or want to forward this on to a pastor, this is a personal letter talking about the book and my heart for the church, and will hopefully give you a better idea of the heart behind the book and the Study Guide.

Letter to Diognetus (pdf)Take a look at this ancient letter describing Christians in the second century.

Selfview Questions (pdf)This list of questions is taken from the chapter on Selfview. Utilize these to help open up to God with your true beliefs, and journal, blog, or just pray through these regularly (I suggest once a month).